Innofader technology
The innoFADER boasts another first for any crossfader - onboard adjustment of both the cut-in point and the curve

Innofader lag adjustIn most cases, mixers do not offer cut-in point control, instead being left to under the hood manual modifications to reduce the unusable dead space of the fader. The innoFADER however offers a “cut-in” adjustment and depending on your needs, can be used to reduce or increase the dead space.

Innofader curvesOften the factory fitted curve just isn't good enough. Sometimes the cut isn’t sharp enough, there’s a “dip” in the middle, or the DJ just wants a curve that feels more natural. The innoFADER “curve” trim pot offers full control of this mid point all the way to pin-sharp at either end of the curve, keeping even the most fussy of DJs happy.

Innofader curvesMix DJs however have need of greater control over the fader curve linearity. Not all mixers are created equally so the innoFADER has the ability - via an easily removed jumper connector - to fix the mid-point and adjust the curve accordingly. This can especially come in handy for mixers with mono VCA crossfaders, allowing you to sharpen or soften the curve equally for both channels.

The innoFADER gives you all the options you could ever need to achieve the perfect curve response on mixers that might not even have any curve options at all.