mini Innofader PNP P


Now you can replace virtually any crossfader imaginable with a mini Innofader PNP!

Mini Innofader PNP P offer the features you demand on a long life fader:
1) Precision 0.15mm step cut-in adjustment on both sides
2) 3 standard curves - soft, linear, and sharp
3) Output reverse
4) Up to 8mm total height adjustment

The user replaceable Plug-in "P" version builds on the simplicity of the Innofader PNP and provides a simple alternative to the Innobender. Plus the mini Innofader PNP P version works as a replacement fader for even the tightest of mixer and controller spaces!

This model works with:
ANY Innofader PNP compatible mixer
ANY Innobender compatible mixer
Pioneer DDJ controllers
Most Pioneer DJM mixers except DJM-500 and DJM-600
For DJM-707 and DJM-909, please see Innofader DJM-909
Korg mixers
Vestax VCI-400 crossfader

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For more info, contact: Elliot Marx.

Installation Drawings

mini Innofader PNP P Manual p.1

mini Innofader PNP P Manual p.2

Mini Innofader PNP P Kit Contents