mini Innofader PNP S


Please go here for the Raiden Fader Calibration Video

Starting in Spring of 2014, you will be able to replace virtually any crossfader imaginable with a mini Innofader PNP!Mini Innofader PNP S offer the features you demand on a long life fader:

1) Precision 0.15mm step cut-in adjustment on both sides
2) 3 standard curves - soft, linear, and sharp
3) Output reverse.

No longer are you "stuck" when your controller has a compact fader soldered to the PC board. Having the solder pin S version means you can essentially transform your average controller into a pro model. We even included an external switch so you can adjust the mini Innofader PNP S without having to remove it.

This model is known to work with:
Traktor S2 channel and crossfader
Traktor S4 channel faders
Vestax VCI-300, -380, -400 channel faders
ALL Numark Mixtrack / Mixdeck products

NOTE: This model requires some soldering. Prior to installation you need to make sure that the jumper settings on the PC board are soldered for the correct power supply as shown here. Please feel free to take your controller/mixer and mini Innofader PNP S to a repair center. This list was recommended to us by VST Technology and we have referred customers to both VST and Protech in the past.

Tech support and retail sales: Elliot Marx for more info.
OEM sales: Henry Mok or Louisa Lam

Installation Drawings

mini Innofader PNP S Calibration

mini Innofader PNP S Jumper Settings

mini Innofader PNP S Installation Notes