Innofader Pro


****New Innofader Pros with red stickers on the box and Innofader PNPs are compatible with BOTH the Pioneer DJM-800 and DJM-900 mixers. All parts needed for installation are included.****Purchase the Innofader Pro if:

1) You have a mixer with an analog, non-VCA fader.
2) You want an option that will work on any current or future mixer you own.
3) You also do mixing and want an accurate curve response and the widest range of curve adjustments.
4) You have an A&H Xone:02 mixerIf you are afraid of electronics, we strongly urge you to have a technician help you with the installation!

The Innofader Pro fits the following mixers:
1) All of the Innofader compatible mixers
2) Rane TTM-56/57, Pioneer DJM-800, and Pioneer DJM-900 without any extra adapters.
3) All A&H Xone mixers
4) All mixers previously requiring the Innofader + Innofader Output Adapter (Tascam XS-4, XS-8, old Ecler HAK 300/310/320)
5) Numark M series and Vestax VMC-002 without mods
6) Virtually any analog mixer that fits it, but possibly requiring mods.
7) Ecler Eternal Compatible mixers

In addition to being compatible with a wider range of mixers, the Innofader Pro has the following improvements over the original Innofader:
1) No polarity testing is required. The Innofader Pro is a plug and play device for most mixers.
2) Works over a full +/- 15V or 0 to 30V range.
3) Allows crossfader forward reverse switching on all compatible mixers.****

NOTE: The latest Innofader Pros have a red sticker at the top right corner of the box. This indicates the following improvements:Fixed noisy output on Vestax analog mixersAdded P&G cable for Denon mixers & Rane EmpathAdded DJM-900 mounting bracketAdded insulator card on bottom2 Vinyl marking stickers included

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Installation Drawings

Non-VCA fader Hookup

VCA fader Hookup

3 VCA fader hookup

VCA crossfader 2 non-VCA line fader hookup

Innofader Pro Manual rev. 2 page 1

Innofader Pro Manual rev. 2 page 2

Calibration standard procedure

Calibration for Inverting Y Curve on one side

Calibration for Rane TTM-56/57 page 1

Calibration for Rane TTM-56/57 page 2

Innofader Pro Manual P. 1

Innofader Pro Manual P. 2

Innofader Pro Accessories